Is There a Natural Alternative for Adderall to help Improve Grades?

The mind becomes alert and vigilant and less anxious like after intake of 3-4 cups of coffee. The overdose of caffeine however has side effects and hence instead it is very much advisable for students to adapt to healthier options like OTC natural drugs containing herbs, vitamins besides these stimulants. The Adderall can be used only on prescription and also its overdose can be intoxicating, thus it is better to switch to better options available over the counter which acts like apt substitutes for Adderall.

Side-lining Distractions

Not one, but there are many natural alternatives to Adderall like:

  • Ephredin
  • Noopept
  • Piracetam
  • Alpha Brain
  • ADDTabz

Also, there are many more such drugs which can be used after proper research of their ingredients, suitability to the body and only from genuine suppliers by the students finding it difficult to focus on studies. Most students nowadays have to manage the studying even after being busy the whole day with a number of project and extracurricular activities. The only time they can spare is the night time when the mind is almost in the sleeping mode and requires a charger to awaken and focus on your studies. Also, there are many distractions like internet, social media which drive the mind away from studies by remaining glued to these. Besides, the mind sometimes therefore gets on a fast track with a number of thoughts churning in the mind without any clarity. Thus, this makes students struggle in the midst of lot of confusion.


The Noopept has a storehouse of herbs and contain amino acids which strengthen the brain muscles and tissues. The concentration, creativity gets a boost and the students can complete studying a number of things at a time. The ingredients are broken down in the liver very fast and streamed in the blood flow which is directed towards the brain overcoming all blood brain barriers due to this drug just like Adderall.

Healthy Stress busters

After a long, hard day, the natural medicines listed above can be an instant gratification as the stress hormones are released with their entry. With the increase of happiness hormones like dopamine and other reactions, the Narcolepsy sleep attacks can also be overcome. The possibility of sickness is mitigated so that no time wasted in just reviving from illness, instead used productively in studying and overcoming all learning defaults. The short term and long term memory is enhanced by these medications as it directly impacts the synapses in the epicentre of the memory storage central of the central nervous system called the hippocampus.

There are rare chances of depression with this drug. However one must avoid taking these drugs in combination with any anti depressants to avoid side effects. It is preferable to use non addictive natural drugs like Strattera to avoid being a slave to the drug. The cognitive behaviour improvement will also help improve verbal communication skills required during the career while giving verbal exams, interviews and in normal mode of conversation by speeding the thought process. The clarity of thought is best achieved by natural alternative drugs like ADDTabz which contain geranium oils which help boost multitasking skills of the students.

Is There a Diet Pill Similar to Adderall for Weight Loss and can be purchased Over the Counter?

Everyone is aware about the amazing weight loss properties of Adderall. But, the only problem is that Adderall is a highly powerful drug which is strictly prescribed by doctors for treating special conditions like ADHD and narcolepsy. So, what about those who want to take advantage of it as a diet pill? Is there any option available for them or do they have to struggle with their obesity? Well, the good news is that there are a few OTC supplements that work just like Adderall in terms of weight loss and without the side effect.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of these supplements which are quite similar to that of Adderall and are commonly chosen for their weight loss properties.

Adderrx- Reliable OTC Replacement of Adderall

measuring tape and pills

Recognized as one of the finest substitute of Adderall in 2015, this OTC drug is legal and safe to use. Unlike Adderall, this OTC drug does not contain phenethylamine or amphetamine rather it holds nuephetamine which is as effective as the counterparts of Adderall. The pill is regulated by the FDA which certainly proves how good this supplement is. It is great for burning out excess fat from your body, as it is a great metabolic booster and appetite suppressant too.

Adrafinil/ Modafinil Weight Loss Supplements

Adrafinil is basically made out of a class of nootropics which are mainly dedicated for treating cognitive processes of the brain and enhancing metabolic processes to trigger weight loss. This supplement works by the action of themogenesis, which means that the moment you take these pills the temperature of your body increases to tolerable extent. This increase in temperature tends to burn out stored glycogen (unwanted fats) present inside the body. Best thing is that unlike other diet supplements, Adrafinil does not disturb the dopamine or sleep cycles.

AddTabz- Lose Weight with Right Dosage

AddTabz comes with the ability to do everything that Adderall does but without any extreme side effects. These pills mainly consist of Ampheta-CDP which is chemically engineered to provide strong and long lasting effect. It even holds potent drugs like Choline and Octopamine that are meant to enhance the cognitive processes of the brain. So, overall the ingredients that are present in this diet pill work just like Adderall but the only difference is that you can get AddTabz even without a prescription.

At last, these were the four wondrous diet pills that are great for people who want to lose their weight with the power of Adderall. Now, these diet pills only contain the power of Adderall but the chemicals are engineered in such a way that you can grab only the fruitful properties of this compound without unwanted side effects.

Hence, what are you waiting for, start looking for the best Adderall substitute diet pill today, so that you can lose weight just the way you want without struggling with unwanted obesity or the dreadful diseases that are associated with it.